26 – 01 – 2021

From February 1st to May 31st, buy Bonelle: every day 7 BIO trees and their fruits are up for grabs

Bonelle gives you an exciting experience! From February 1st to May 31st 2021, buy a Bonelle box of your choice (*), keep the receipt, register on the website www.fruttetobonelle.it (**) and find out immediately if you have won a Bio tree of Bonelle Orchard up for adoption for a year and a box of its fruits.
The winner will be able to follow the cultivation and growth of its fruit and at the time of harvest will receive one 5 kg box of organic fruit of the tree adopted directly at home!
If you have not won, you can still participate in the draw for the 3 final super prizes, consisting of 20 liters of Tuscan IGP EVO oil.

Fida, through the “Save the farm” project, created the Frutteto Bonelle, a virtual field of 843 fruit trees to support small Italian farmers . A project that has a strong positive impact both on people’s health by promoting healthy eating and on the environment, the Bonelle Orchard with its 843 trees absorbs over 58,400 kg of CO2.

Find out how to participate on the site www.fruttetobonelle.it and download the rules for more details.
Competition valid throughout the Italian territory.

(*) Bonelle Classica 175g / 350g, Bonelle Berries 160g, Bonelle Liquorice 160g, Bonelle Petit 120g
(**) Site active starting from February 1st 2021